Tele2 - Bepaal het helemaal

‘Dutch telecom provider TELE2 kicks off their new campaign “Bepaal het helemaal” with this 45 second commercial for tv and internet. We are very proud of our sound design work, thanks so much for trusting it to us TELE2, TBWA/ and Pink Rabbit!


The campaign encourages you to determine everything you think, decide and do. Instead of following indiscriminately what your algorithm tells you. After all, making your own decisions makes life way more fun and so much more exciting.

The bad guy in this short story is your algorithm, and is interpreted by the character “Algoritme” – dutch for algorithm as you probably know or have guessed already. He keeps popping up in your daily life and online behaviour, telling you what to watch or do next. On top of that, he explains what on earth he’s actually doing, why he does it, and even how he achieves all this nasty behaviour we sadly all have become used to.

The visuals

The edit is very dynamic from start to end. A lot of fun and interesting stuff is happening in every second. You never get bored or distracted. The added richness of the tasteful visual effects make the video part of the commercial complete.

The sound

All this made for a challenging sound job. We started by dubbing the actor who plays the algorithm. This fine-tuned his performance and gave a more consistent feel to the sound of the character.

By adding rich and unique sound design – with tailor-made whooshes, swooshes, swishes, wipes and swipes for example – we made the experience even richer than the video already was when you would see it on mute. But hey, that’s what we do anyway.

If you’d like to hear more of our sound work, have a listen at the ‘work’ section of our website. You’ll also find a lot of nice VFX work there, including the beaver you see in the end of this TELE2 film.’